Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Finding...Hidden in LA

The Foundry on Melrose is a hidden gem for event coordinators. The restaurant's comfortable contemporary interior and the warm modern outdoors patio is dream space for your next event. The venue's hand-crafted, art-deco feel has been inspired by the craftsmanship of the Machine Age and the industrial innovation of Streamline Modernism. Sconces fabricated from vintage heat registers, wood and steel accents, antique light fixtures and colorful abstract at from the times provide a warm and inviting background. Your dining experience could be summed up by the phase "Modern American." While tasting menus will also be available, including a vegetarian option, the ala carte menu will feature luxurious items with humble ingredients creating an upscale, causally elegant feel; "fine dining for the everyday man."

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Shannon Renee Photography said...

Hi Ngoc!!! It was SO nice meeting you last night! Your work is so beautiful and I hope someday we'll get to work together! xoxo Shannon Renee